People of 1910

No Warning // Rob & Cathi Fly

June 16, 2017
We are Rob and Cathi Fly and this is our story. On May 31, 2013 Rob was in a life altering accident that left him disabled with a traumatic brain injury. As most of these stories start out, it was a normal morning running errands and doing his thing with no thought that his life ...


The Little Black Dress // Amanda Graybill

May 17, 2017
When I was 4 years old, my father became disabled and lost his job. Instead of turning to God he turned to alcohol, became a very angry man and an alcoholic. I remember vividly the nights when he would drink and become physically and emotionally abusive towards my mother. As a li...


All My Trust // Gordon Park

April 24, 2017
When I think about my life, it would be easier for me to hate my life and be angry with God for giving me the life that I have. There is enough drama in my life to think that there is no real reason for me to believe there is a God, but the funny thing is, that I do believe in Go...


I Wouldn't Change A Thing // Chach & Megan Luevano

March 16, 2017
Many people think when your husband is on staff at a church and you are a "pastor's wife”, that means we must have it all together. I LOVE sharing our story because I get a look of shock because we are so far from perfect! Praise Jesus for His grace that is more than enough...


A Mother's Perspective // Brittani Marcell

March 08, 2017
My name is Diane Huebner~Marcell; I am mom to Brittani Marcell. Just like any other day, work, and kids off to school; all routine in other words. I was scheduled to go to lunch from work at 12:00, noon, on September 11, 2008, but a supervisor asked if I would mind going at 11:...


God's Provision // Dan and Falon Choate

March 01, 2017
Dan and I had been talking about the continued goodness of God in our lives and I wanted to share a part of our testimony. I can probably go way back to my childhood but I'll start with our lives together as a married couple. Graduating college, getting married, going on a honeym...


Completely Restored // Levi Hartman

February 23, 2017
My name is Levi Hartman, and this is my story. Nine months ago, a journey began that would change my families lives forever, and would impact many individuals, and challenge the faith of my family, and the relationships my family and I held so dear. I was admitted into Methodist...


You Are My Masterpiece // Emily Wood

February 14, 2017
I stood in front of a mirror with eyes closed. Almost as if by doing so, it would mean the image reflected in front of me didn't exist. I would prefer it that way. It would take a lot of effort to look through just squinted eyes, but every flaw wasn't at least screaming back back...


Can You Tell Us Where the ‘Found’ Sign Is?

August 23, 2016
Few Sundays go by without someone climbing the ladder in the foyer and turning on a bulb in the “FOUND” sign after a service, letting their light shine, publicly confessing their faith in Jesus Christ. It’s always a privilege to capture the emotions and watch t...